Wiki的最小單位是什麼呢? JeremyRuston搞了一個 TiddlyWiki,頗值得玩味。


MicroContent being a fashionable word for self-contained fragments of content that are typically smaller than entire pages. Often MicroContent is presented via some kind of aggregation that reduces the perceptual shock and resource cost of context switching (eg Blogs aggregating several entries onto a page or Flickr presenting photos in an album). This TiddlyWiki aggregates MicroContent items that I call 'tiddlers' into pages that are loaded in one gulp and progressively displayed as the user clicks hypertext links to read them.

簡單來說,就是以 fragment (小段落?)作為一個單位。對引述或修訂時的操作頗為方便。這也是最大的賣點。